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Faculty & Staff

The Department has expanded to include 7 Physiatrists, with a spectrum of sub-specialization.

We also have several adjunct members who provide opportunities for community-based resident training.  Primary care on the inpatient rehabilitation units across Providence Care Hospital is provided by the Division of Hospital Medicine in conjunction with Nurse Practitioner clinicians.

Dr. Stephen Bagg is the Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Dr. Benjamin Ritsma is the Clinical Director of Rehabilitation at Providence Care Hospital.

Click on the physician links below for some selected details about our clinical and academic interest.

Dr.  Matti Allen
Resident PGY-4
Dr.  Sussan Askari
Assistant Professor, Postgraduate Program Director,…
Dr.  Stephen D. Bagg
Associate Professor
Dr.  Sarah Dobrowolski
Resident PGY-5
Dr.  Thomas Gregory
Recent Graduate 2020
  Tessa Hanmore
Educational Consultant
Dr.  David J.M. Ruggles
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program Director
Dr.  Marie-Josee Lafleche
Resident-PGY 4
Dr.  Colin Mascaro
Recent Graduate 2019
  Heather Nichol
Resident PGY-3
Dr.  Alasdair  Rathbone
Resident PGY-5
Dr.  Benjamin Ritsma
Assistant Professor
  Heather- Ann Thompson
Department Manager
  Jessica Trier
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Matthew W. Faris
Assistant Professor