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Program Overview

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency (PM&R) postgraduate training program is five years in length. Residents will complete their first two blocks in Transition to Discipline (TTD), learning “Rehab Basics.” Foundations of Discipline (FoD) is primarily off-service, but residents will have rotations in PM&R as well. In Core of Discipline (CoD), residents have the opportunity to revisit these PM&R rotations as a senior resident. Going through the rotations twice allows for graduated responsibility and independence, and consolidation of knowledge from other off-service rotations.

 During PM&R rotations, residents will participate in longitudinal rehabilitation clinics, such as Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O). Residents complete 3 blocks of Pediatric Rehabilitation and 1 block of P&O in Ottawa. Residents will complete 6 blocks of EMG, which affords the opportunity to meet the CSCN (EMG) examination requirements.

 The Transition to Practice (TTP) stage allows residents to focus on career planning and preparation for independent practice. Residents in the TTP stage are given opportunities to function as a junior attending, with enhanced responsibilities equivalent to those of a consultant in PM&R.


*Rotation order may vary due to scheduling conflicts and rotation availability