Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
School of Medicine Queen's University


The Department has expanded to include 7 Physiatrists, having recently recruited Dr. Benjamin Ritsma.  We also have several adjunct members who provide opportunites for community based resident training.  Additionally, we have 3 hospitalists and a Nurse Practitioner assisting with primary care on the in-patient Rehabilitation Unit, as well as a weekend physician on-call group.

Dr. Stephen Bagg is the Department Head and Clinical Leader of the Providence Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program.

Click on the Physicians Link  below to read more details about our clinical activities and research interests.

Dr. S. Askari MD FRCPC Assistant Professor
Dr. S.D. Bagg MD MSc FRCPC Associate Professor
Dr. M.W. Faris MD FRCPC Assistant Professor
Dr. D.J.M. Ruggles MD CCFP FRCPC Assistant Professor
Dr. G.L. Shanks MD FRCPC Professor
Dr. K.M. Smith MD FRCPC Associate Professor
Dr. Jessica Trier MD FRCPC Assistant Professor
Dr. Colin Mascaro MD Resident
Dr. Marcus Jansen MD Resident
Dr. Sarah Dobrowolski MD
Dr. Thomas Gregory MD Resident
Dr. Jake Kucheran MD Resident
Heather- Ann Thompson Departmental Assistant